Wendy Silva

"A Hard life is inevitable, but living life to the fullest is a choice."

- Wendy Silva

Artist Statement



I am an LA artist, who has used my practice to explore various techniques and mediums to create works that deal with preservation, memory, experience, and identity. Growing up in a household with traditional values, I have struggled with the social pressures of fitting into a culture that is constantly changing and pushing the boundaries. My work is a journey through various genres that I explore through sculpture, photography, and painting. Although the work is based in the personal, it also offers others a way to discover that which makes them unique. I have currently been focusing on painting on wood panel. These paintings have various stages in their creation that typically embrace an earthy palette and have a gothic feel to them.  My paintings are often worked from dark to light, and then reworked to have high contrasting tones. My use of mediums and techniques to make the paintings becomes a metaphor for the layers of years, experiences, and memories that come in life.




BFA from Otis College of Art and Design


"We are making people's days as much as we are ruining them!"


Sep. 18, 2012  

44: Senior Class Group Exhibition at Helen and Abraham Bolsky Gallery


Oct 2, 2012

To See or Not To See: Exhibition at Helen and Abraham Bolsky Gallery



 AA from El Camino and Santa Monica College



Art Mentor Program at Santa Monica College

      Art Squeak: Exhibition at Arena 1 Gallery 



Graduated from Ryam Arts 


Fwoosh, Whap, Fwoom - Exhibition with Museum of Contemporary Art's Geffen


Mural donated to El Rincon Elementary


Selected work donated to state assembly member Karen Bass for Los Angeles and Sacramento






ScholarshipS & Awards


2013-2012   Academic Excellence Award in                             Painting  

                    Brenda S Bagg Memorial Award

                    Otis Institutional Grant

                    June Yuer Memorial Scholarship


2012-2011   Otis Institutional Grant

                    Hearst Scholarship

                    Peter Goulds Scholarship

                    Emerson Woelffer Scholarship

                    Brenda S Bagg Memorial Award


2010-2011   Ben Maltz Scholarship 


2005             Scholastic Art and Writing Award,                        Silver and Gold Key